International Conference on Recent Progresses in Science, Engineering and Technology


Faculty of Engineering Gallery,

Room # 133,

Dr. M A Wazed Miah Academic Building,

University of Rajshahi

About the University of Rajshahi

University of Rajshahi or Rajshahi University is a public university located at North-Western part of Rajshahi city in Bangladesh. The university’s forty-seven departments are organized into nine faculties. It is located in a 753 acres (3 campus in Motihar, 3 km from the Rajshahi city centre. With 30,000 students and close to 1500 academic staff, it is the second largest university in Bangladesh. In addition to hosting programs in the Engineering, arts, sciences, agriculture, social sciences, business studies and medical sciences, the university houses a number of institutes of higher studies leading to Masters and PhD.

About Rajshahi City

Rajshahi, which is one of the major metropolitan cities of Bangladesh, flourished in the late 18th century. The beginning of modern Rajshahi can be traced back to 1825. The tomb of Hazrat Shah Mokhdum (built in 1635) is located at Dargah para area of the city. Many European traders such as the Dutch, the French, and the British East India Company were attracted to Rajshahi because of this being a center of silk production and its location by the side of Padma river. Protection embankment was established in 1855 to save Rajshahi from the flood during monsoon. Municipality of Rajshahi was established in 1876.

Rajshahi, known as “Silk City”, is especially renowned for its silk products. Mangoes of different kinds, produced in Rajshahi, are famous countrywide for their unique taste. The earliest museum in Bangladesh, named Varendra Research Museum, was established in this city in 1910. The museum hosts rich collections of interesting artifacts of past Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim heritage.